Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday Favorites: Cruising Through February

This week was a pretty fun weather week in Montreal! We got 40ish cm of snow on Wednesday which meant that my last official day of classes was a snow day! How fun is that? I loved having a snow day this week and I am so glad to be done with the last classes of my Bachelor's degree! Onto my last teaching internship - more on that later on. Let's get into my favorite parts of this week!

1. What better way to kick off this post than with this funny note? The Bean loves to say Remember, you're the tequila not the chaser. You deserved to be chased. Awesome, Bean. I don't know where she got this expression, but it sure does crack me up! She left this note on the whiteboard in my room and it always makes me smile :)
2. Last weekend, I skated in an exhibition for my club and I was so happy to see one of my favorite girls there! I used to see Francesca every week at skating but we hardly get to see each other any more! I loved having a little catch up time at the arena. I also LOVE my solo this year and it was so fun to skate it in a fun show!
3. I have had my eye on this sweater for weeks (maybe months!) and I finally ordered it this week! I just bit the bullet and ordered because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm not a very impulsive shopper and I tend to leave items in my cart for a long time before I decide if I really want them. Well, this was just one of those items that I couldn't get off my mind. Apparently I needed this sweater in my life ;) I can't wait for it to come in the mail!

4. Miss Mackenzie is back in business this week (I hardly ever go by my full name in blog land, but when I teach I use Mackenzie instead of Kenzie). I haven't been in the classroom in a little over a year and I am excited to do some practical work again! For the most part, I'm excited but there's a little part of me that is shaking in my boots! I'm teaching grade 5 and fifth graders make me nervous! I have so many thoughts running through my head - what if they're all taller than me (totally possible!)? And, what if I remember nothing about long division (ha! Also totally possible!)? Monday will be a busy day! I always joke with my friends that teacher tired is a whole new level of tired! I'm bracing myself to be teacher tired next week!
5. And last but not least - a fun Valentine's Day treat! Yesterday, I made these copycat girl guide cookies into heart shapes and they were too cute! Obviously the taste is the same, but the heart shape made them extra festive and fun! These are definitely a new favorite cookie in our house!

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Happy weekend, friends!

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