Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Bag Full of Sunshine

Yesterday, was the first official day of summer!! This is a perfect gift for a birthday during the summer. I gathered yellow items from a little all over the place... so I'll do a little wrap up for you.
I have spoken about my love for dry shampoo before, it's fantastic but I wouldn't have ever thought to give it as a gift. That is, until I was desperately searching for all things yellow and this Coconut & Exotic Tropical Batiste Dry Shampoo came into view. I got this from Winners, which is a Canadian company, but it is similar to a TJ Maxx or Marshall's in the US.
My next stop was Bath & BodyWorks because I knew I would find something yellow there and I hit the jackpot! I found this "I Love the Beach" hand Sanitizer, which I was so excited about and I had to use serious restrain to avoid getting one for myself because it smells exactly like the beach (and I love the beach)!! I also found this Love & Sunshine body wash which made me do a little happy dance because it was perfect for this bag and it smells AMAZING!
My next stop was LUSH cosmetics! I spotted this yellow bath bomb from outside and I knew it had to go in the sunshine bag! I have never personally used any of the LUSH products, but I have heard great things about them and this was a great add to the bag.

My last stop was the grocery store, and this was where I scored big time. I picked up some Juicy Fruit Gum, some Golden Oreos, and Peanut M&M's. I love this little bag of sunshine so much because it includes some practical things (dry shampoo/hand sanitizer) but it also includes some fun things (bath bomb/oreos).
I gathered all of the items into a yellow gift bag and made a label that says "A Little Bag of Sunshine" and it looked so cute all put together! Some other things that were on my radar while I was shopping include: yellow nail polish (I scared away from this because I didn't know how useful it would be), a yellow chocolate bar (Coffee Crisp/Oh Henry/Butterfinger/Toblerone/Mr. Goodbar), yellow hair ties, a yellow drink (lemonade)...

I would love any other yellow suggestions to add to the bag, because I foresee a few of these being given out this summer!

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