Thursday, June 23, 2016

Teacher Gift Idea

Hello end of school year! Tomorrow is officially the last day of school around our house so teacher gifts are being put together! This little beach bag is an idea I saw on Pinterest and it was easy to put together but still so cute!
 I started with bags like this, which I found at HomeSense (Canadian equivalent to HomeGoods). They were big and perfect for carrying to the beach.
Next, I spotted these beach towels at Old Navy and there were only two left! I was so glad to get the last two because they were a perfect addition to the bag and the price was right!

My next stop was Chapters (this also only exists in Canada, the American equivalent would be Barnes & Nobles). At Chapters, I found a magazine for each teacher based on their interests and the little drink cup pictured above, which has a pineapple on it and says "Savour the Day."
Finally I stopped in at the grocery store to pick up some sunscreen and this iced tea mix.
I arranged all of the above items in the beach bag and tied this label on with twine. I made this label in a word document and printed it on regular white cardstock. I was impressed with how fun the end result is!

See you tomorrow,

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