Monday, June 27, 2016

Mantle Tour

I mentioned in a previous post that a beach theme had sort of taken over our house. It started with the egg carton sea turtles in the kitchen and slowly traveled to our fireplace mantle. Our fireplace mantle very rarely changes, so this beach theme is exciting!!
This is the left side of the mantle. Once I decided on a beach theme, I hunted around my house for beachy items. I found this jar full of shells in one of our bathrooms and coiled some string lights around the sides. The jar is a little treasure from a garage sale and it's filled with shells/coral/sand dollars from various beach trips. The string lights are from IKEA and I have just hidden the switch to turn them on or off behind a picture frame. The 2 big shells are from a table centerpiece we use during the summer. The pink shell is from a little shop in Florida and the starfish is handmade.
This is the right side of the mantle. The sign is from Florida and the little far is from HomeSense. I've filled the little jar with sand from the beach in Anna Maria Island, Florida and some little starfish, shells and sand dollars from a little beach-side shop.
I mentioned the handmade starfish above, come back tomorrow to see how I made the little banner of starfish!


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