Monday, July 18, 2016

Party Game: The Hoop Game

This is a game I found very recently (like last month!) I used it at a sixth birthday party I was animating and it worked out great! I would recommend using this game as a transition game, like while you are waiting for all the party guests to arrive or as guests are starting to get picked up.

What you'll need...
A hula hoop or 2 (that's it!!)

What to do...
Gather the party guests into a large circle and have them hold hands, as they are grabbing hands put the hula hoop on one of the party guests arms and leave it there for now. Explain to the kiddos that the bond they have created by holding hands cannot be broken during this game but they have to try to find a way to get all the kids in the circle though the hoop. When the hoop goes around the circle once, the animator can add in a 2nd hoop to increase the challange.

This is a game that easily fills a couple of minutes at a party and that is SO easy to set up! I was also thinking how fun this would be to play at a family reunion - you could get the whole family playing this one!


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