Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lost Socks?

This is something that I made AGES ago!! Like I think it was done in June!! My little sock hanger has been on my list of things to blog for 3 months and I only got around to taking pictures of the final product today! I made this sign based off of a few ideas I saw on Pinterest - it's a compilation of 2 or 3 other sock signs that I saw!
I started with a plain piece of wood that I stained with a dark stain I had at home. I let the stain dry over night before doing any of the lettering. I cut out the letters on my cricut - I didn't have any vinyl on hand so I use plain white card stock and glued it onto the stained wood using Modge Podge. Once the letters were positioned and glued, I Modge Podged over the entire piece of wood to make sure everything stays on there well.
Once the staining & lettering was done I enlisted my dad's help because power tools are not my forté! He drilled two holes in the bottom of the wood and bent a metal coat hanger to make the little bar that hangs under the sign. We hung three clothes pegs along the wire and that's it! It is currently hanging in our laundry room and it is cute as can be!

Thanks for reading!

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