Monday, September 26, 2016

Music for Monday: Lots of Kris Allen :)

I have been a longtime fan of Kris Allen - like since he was on American Idol way back in 2009!! I was trying to pick just one of his songs but I couldn't! There are too many that I love so I'm going to share a couple :)

Heartless - Kris Allen
This is his performance of Heartless (by Kanye West!!) from American Idol. This was the first time I had ever heard an upbeat song rearranged into a singer/songwriter sounding song. This performance is what cued my love for Kris Allen!
It's Always You - Kris Allen
Beautiful & Wild - Kris Allen

Everybody Just Wants to Dance - Kris Allen

Girl Across the Room - Kris Allen

Lost - Kris Allen
These have been my favorite lately but really I've just been shuffling through all of his stuff on Spotify! He has some fun covers on Youtube too! I just love me some Kris Allen!!

Happy listening!

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