Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Decor

This past weekend, my family got our house all decked out for Christmas and I have been loving it! The twinkle lights have been such a joy to cuddle up and read by! Here is how we do Christmas decor at my house...

In the kitchen, we have cute candy cane striped hand towels
And this banner! I made this using my cricut and some holiday colored cardstock and I LOVE how it turned out!
In the dining room, we have Christmas tablecloth and some little Christmas holders for our candles.
A little snowman that my dad made years ago in our window.
And a Santa Draft stopper by our back door!
On top of our back door, we have a garland strung with twinkle lights wrapped through it. This might just be my favorite decoration of all!
On to the living room! In here, we have little Christmas gnomes, a crate full of Christmas books and blankets and a tin snowman by our fireplace.

On our fireplace mantle, we have a garland with some pine cone lights strung through, some ducks with Santa hats on and a sign that says 'noel.' I made the sign 2 or 3 years ago with a friend.
On top of the piano, we have little tidbits of Christmas - a picture that the Bean made when she was little, a jar full of jingle bells and a bucket of fake snowballs - just in case we need to have an impromptu snowball fight!

And then of course, we have the tree! I couldn't tell which lighting was better so I took some pictures at night (to see the twinkle lights!!) and some during the day (to see the Bean's little elf slippers sitting by the tree!!)

Also in the living room, is our coffee table centerpiece, Christmas coasters and some sweet little snowmen lying around!

As you leave our living room, you can spot a snowman on our phone stand, a snowman and a star by our front door, a snowman and wreath above our hall mirror and 2 little snowman that sit on a shelf in our entryway - I think my mama has a thing for cute snowmen!! :)
In our downstairs powder room, we have a snowman hand towel, and a Christmas Bath & BodyWorks hand soap - Christmas Morning to be precise and it smells heavenly!

Also in our powder room, are some snowman above the mirror, reindeer hand towels, a little Santa, some Nutcrackers and some Christmas Kleenex!
And finally, our Christmas pooch all cozied up in his Christmas sweater (& you can spy a bit of our Holiday pillows in this picture)!!

That's it! That's what our house looks like around this time of year!!
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