Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Picking our Tree

This past Saturday, my family drove up to Hadley Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree! This is a tradition that my family started last year and it has become my favorite! I love the drive up there, running up and down the rows of beautiful trees, the hot chocolate afterwards... I love it all! Here are some pictures and a little bit about how we get our tree!

We start off on a hay ride out to where all the trees are planted. The hay ride lasts about 10 minutes and brings us to a selection of trees.
My family loves the smell of Christmas trees, so we chose a Balsam because they are the most fragrant! We walked up and down the rows until we found a tree that would fit our space!
This was the one we chose! My dad sawed it down while my mom, the Bean and I cheered him on!
Then we carry our tree back to the tractor and load on to go back to the main part of the farm. It was COLD!! By the time we cut down our tree and got back on the hayride, I was freezing!! Once we get back our tree gets wrapped up in the coolest machine and we head inside for hot chocolate! Then we strap the tree onto the roof of our car and listen to Christmas carols the whole way home!

Going to Hadley Farm is one of my favorite days of the whole year - it is such a fun way to kick off the holidays! I highly recommend looking for a fun Christmas tree farm near you, it is such a fun tradition!!

Happy tree hunting :)

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