Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites: Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Friday & Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm so excited to have some much needed down time this afternoon/evening! I'm so ready to put my feet up, eat pizza and watch Gilmore Girls. Yes, I'm still going on that show! But season 7 is rough! It might be August before I make it through the 7th season! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things...
1. I have been able to stay on top of this chalkboard lately! Now I only wish I had the energy to actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo!! I've been student teaching for the past two weeks, because I'm studying to become a teacher. And being in an elementary school has been kicking my butt! I love it but it's exhausting! Pizza will have to do for Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight! Maybe I'll be able to pull something together tomorrow for Seis de Mayo ;)

2. I made some biscotti last night and I always forget how much I love biscotti, but I do! It's so good! I posted my favorite recipe around Christmas time - you can find it HERE.
3. Last week, my mom picked up some chocolate letters as a treat from one of our favorite local chocolatiers! My family went on a chocolate tour in October and fell in love with this little place! If you are local, you should definitely try out Divine Chocolatier!

4. Speaking of great local places... Mandy's!!! There are four locations around Montreal and my family cannot get enough! We stopped in one day and were so excited to find that they serve the most delicious salads! I'm pretty boring when it comes to ordering food, I typically order the same thing over and over because I want something that I know will be good! But I've tried some different salads at Mandy's and I've always been pleasantly surprised!

5. It's May! This is the month of my blogging anniversary (or bloggaversary as I've been calling it)!! In just 12 short days I will be celebrating my one year bloggaversary! How does one celebrate this!? I'm thinking cake is in order! Maybe a party!? We shall see!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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