Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Faves: 9 days until Christmas!

This week was so good - it was my first official week of Christmas break! I'm done student teaching and I've submitted all of my assignments so it is all Christmas around here! I am working on some Christmas baking for my family to gift and I need to get our Christmas cards put together! I am stalling like you couldn't believe, but I need to bite the bullet and get it done!

1. I have to start this post with something I am so excited about - one of my very favorite people started a blog!! I've mentioned my friend Jess before on my blog and I am thrilled to announce that she has her own blog! You can find her HERE. Jess is always so encouraging about my blogging endeavors and I am beyond happy that she decided to join blog world! Jess blogs about a little bit of everything - her faith, delicious food (my favorite, of course!), travel and all of her wonderful adventures in between! I love reading her blog because she is so real! Her blog really wraps up all of her best qualities.

2. Last weekend, I had a little bit of coaching to do and I ended up staying at the arena a little longer to sell these fabulous baked goods! How amazing do these look!? Let me tell you, sitting in front of these was hard! When I was very little, my mom used to say "to look, not to touch" - ugh! I had to say that to myself all afternoon!

3. Yesterday, I went to visit my little first graders! I've only been gone for about 2 weeks, but it feels like it's been forever! It was so good to go back and see their sweet faces! There show was jungle themed and it was way too cute! They jungle boogied their little hearts out!
4. This week, my family drove out to the most decorated house in Montreal and watched this fun light show! It was crazy! I mean, so many lights, so many Olaf's and some fun Christmas carols. If you are local, you have to drive by this house!
5. As part of my Christmas baking, I made some gingerbread biscotti! I made 2 batches but I think I'm going to make 2 more! I was totally skeptical because I love regular biscotti so, so much but this gingerbread biscotti is to die for! It smells so good while it is baking - it really smelled like I was living in a gingerbread house! And they are delicious! I can't wait to gift these at Christmas!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those baked goods look amazing! I love a fun decorated house. It is family tradition to drive around town looking at lights after Christmas eve service. Jess at Just Jess

    1. That sounds like so much fun, Jess! Thank you for reading!