Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Favorites: In Christmas Mode!

Happy Friday! I am officially on Christmas break and it feels fabulous! I submitted my last assignment last night and so the fun begins! I can't wait for the baking, the Christmas card labeling, the Christmas movie watching and the gift wrapping!

1. I have heard lots of talk about Hallmark Christmas movies in the past, but I had never actually watched one. That is, until Monday evening when I watch Marry Me at Christmas and it was love at first sight! This movie is all about wedding planning during the holidays in a very small town (kind of like Stars Hallow!) and it was amazing! The story line was totally predictable but it was just light and happy! Now, I have my DVR set to record every Hallmark Christmas movie playing this month!
2. When my family was in the States last month, I picked up one of these advent calendars. I finally got to start it last Friday and it has been such a fun week! The chocolate is so good and this is such a fun twist on the traditional advent calendar!
3. I know that I am not sharing anything groundbreaking here, but I have been loving Etsy!! I have ordered a few Christmas gifts from Etsy shops and I am so excited to be supporting small business (some are even local!) all while buying the cutest gifts! I have never used Etsy before this Christmas, but I know that I will be using it lots in the future! What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? I can't wait to browse through them!
4. This is by far my favorite holiday treat! I will always love the fresh Christmas baking but this candy cane ice cream is just the best! I love it! I think President's Choice is a Canadian thing, but if you can get your hands on some candy cane ice cream, I highly, highly recommend it! Yesterday, I had a little bowl of this while watching Marry Me at Christmas (yes, I watched it twice in one week!) and it was Christmas perfection!
5. I talked about With the Band by Essie in October because it makes the best Fall color, but I am so looking forward to wearing this color on my nails during Christmas too! Do you have a go-to Christmas nail polish color!? Please share!

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See you on Monday! 16 days until Christmas!!


  1. My Mom loves watching Hallmark Christmas movies! I went to the library yesterday and found a bunch of Hallmark Christmas movies on DVD, so I've been watching a few today.

    1. Have you been loving them!? I can't stop with all of the Hallmark movies! They are just so light and happy!