Monday, December 11, 2017

Music for Monday: Love Came down at Christmas

There are 13 more days until Christmas and only 2 more Mondays until Christmas! These next two weeks are my favorite time of the whole year! I love the anticipation leading up to Christmas. Today, I'm sharing a song that I have been listening to forever! And it never gets old!
Fun Fact - this song is by Shawn Colvin and 17 years ago, my mom raced in the same triathlon as Shawn Colvin! I have absolutely no recollection of this but we have blurry pictures of Shawn Colvin running in a family photo album!

Love Came Down at Christmas - Shawn Colvin
This whole holiday and lullaby album is so good, it's the best thing to listen to while admiring twinkle lights!

I made peppermint macarons this weekend and I am so very excited to share those this week! Tomorrow, I'll be talking about my elf on the shelf, but on Wednesday I'll share the fabulous peppermint macarons! :)

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