Thursday, December 28, 2017

What I Got I Christmas 2017

Christmas morning is something I look forward to all year. There is so much magic and love wrapped up into one day - I just love it! I know that this holiday is about so much more than gifts and I love relishing in all the non gift related festivities but I do love the gifts! This year, Christmas morning was full of such fun surprises! Here is a little look into my favorite Christmas gifts.
This is a little cube that I can plant to grow my own Christmas tree! I'm assuming it takes a couple of years to grow a Christmas tree, but maybe one day my family can decorate a tree that I grew!

I adore Lindt chocolate and this year, the Bean and I got a bag full of every kind of Lindor chocolate! What!? I know, this is a crazy amount of chocolate! I'm thinking we will be eating this chocolate until next Christmas!
My next favorite has received the most use since Christmas. I very rarely work at my desk. I find it cold and stiff. I'd much rather be cozied up on a couch with a blanket and too many pillows. Problem - how in the world does one comfortably work on a computer in a setting that is totally not structured for work? With my new lap desk, I can carry a work space around to anywhere I want! Guess what!? I will likely never blog from my desk again! My desk is a total craft zone and now crafts and work don't have to share space :)
I blogged about my love for laminators earlier this year. I used one on my first day of student teaching and my cooperating teacher said "be careful this machine is so lovable, you're going to want one in no time." Well, she could not be more right! I went home that day and put a laminating machine on my Christmas list! I was so excited to open this on Christmas morning! I'm going to be laminating everything in sight!
How cute are these mittens? They are fleece lined and so warm! My Mom picked them up for me at a fun local store and I am so excited to wear them in the winter cold!
The Bean got me this fabulous Essie color! It's called "exposed." I've been eyeing a few mossy green nail polishes lately and this one is perfect! As soon as I take my Christmas-y red off (because I can still get away with that for a couple more days, right?), I'm putting this color on!

I got Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerni's new albums! Actually, I got Kelsea Ballerini and the Bean got Taylor Swift but we've already agreed to share both! Kelsea Ballerini reminds me so much of a younger Taylor Swift (with a little Carrie Underwood mixed in!). THese two are easily my favorite singers right now! I'll share my favorites off Taylor Swift's new album on a Music for Monday soon!
And finally, the pi├Ęce de resistance (which really just means 'the piece of resistance' or the best part) my Love Your Melon hat! I have been coveting these hats for so long. So often, I just scroll through the Love Your Melon website! And now, I don't have to do that anymore! Let me tell you, the hat is even better in person! I can;t wait to well this all winter long!

See you tomorrow!

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