Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites: Happy 2018!

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2018! This was a fabulous first week of 2018 and today I'm recapping all of the best parts for you! Let's get started...

1. This is the Christmas that just keeps on giving! On Tuesday evening we got together with some family friends and they gave me this family light board! How fun is it!? It comes with plain black letters, colored letters and so many emojis! It has been so fun to play with and I can't wait to change it up throughout the year!
2. This is another Christmas gift from this week. I met up with a friend that I had not seen in forever and she gave me this mug! Back in September, I totally did not have a teacher voice. But after 15 weeks in grade 1, I do have a teacher voice and I am so guilty of using it outside of the classroom. Recently the Bean was doing something silly and I asked her "Are you making a good choice right now?" To which she responded "Gosh! I'm not a 6 year old." She thinks this mug is the funniest thing!

3. I go back to school on Monday, but I have been soaking up all of the last little bits of holiday break! It has been wonderful to just lounge in my pajamas! I am dreading having to wear real clothes next week, so I've been wearing pajamas as often as possible. I have a really great schedule this semester, so I'm excited to have a little bit of structured time while still having time to keep up with the blog world and start some new projects.

4. I got this cookbook for my Mom for Christmas. I did some research before I finally decided on the America's Test Kitchen - How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook. We have been loving it! We have tried a few recipes so far and we are loving them all. There is another favorite in this picture - my nail polish! It's Exposed by ESSIE that the Bean got me for Christmas. I love it!
5. Speaking of the new gluten free cookbook, I made the pizza crust from the cookbook for dinner last night and my family really liked it! The crust is definitely different from regular pizza crust but not at all bad! I topped the pizza with marinara sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, red pepper, onion and mozzarella cheese. The end result was so, so good but what's even better is how easy this crust is to make! If you are gluten free, this pizza is a must try! I'll be posting the recipe next week.
6. I blogged about these cookies n' cream cupcakes yesterday. You can find the recipe HERE. These cupcakes are so not gluten free, but they were so good! I brought these to a New Years Eve and they were gobbled right up! If you are looking for are a twist on a typical, easy-peasy cupcake, these are for you!

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I'm off to see Wonder again today (because I just loved it so much!). I'll see you Monday!


  1. Teacher voice is such a real thing!! I use it all the time when we are on the playground and there are kids not behaving and parents not paying attention ;) Good luck returning to a routine!!

    1. hahaha :) I love it! Thank you so much for reading, Kristen! Happy New Year!