Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, I'm sharing a couple little Valentine touches around our house - just easy, festive, fun :) I love putting little touches up when different holidays roll around and Valentine's Day is no different! We don't do anything crazy, but you can definitely find a few extra hearts around our house!
First things first - this is the Bean's door! I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was perfect for her! I made a little sign on my cricut that says "Valentine's Day is coming soon & I've thought of 14 things I love about you..." I stuck this up on February 1st and then everyday since I have stuck a little heart up. On each heart, I write something that I love about her. It's easy to maintain and it looks cute on her door!
One year, the Bean and I made so many little heart animals. And by so many, I mean we probably made too many! As I was sorting through all of them, I was laughing because I couldn't believe how many we had made! This year, I opted to just hang up our little bumble bee! I hung it on the side of our pantry cupboards.
This banner hangs in our kitchen window. We picked it up from the dollar section at Target years ago. I usually make all of the banners that hang in this window and this is actually the banner that inspired all of the other ones! I've thought about making another one but I kind of love this one! I love the simple metallic gold against the pink background!
I moved my lightbox onto our island a couple of weeks ago, when I was baking with Jess and then I just never put it away! It says "Do all things with Love" and it is perfect for this season. We have loved putting it on in the evenings. I think it will stay on our island until the Valentine season is over (probably tomorrow - ha!).
And finally this little sign hangs on our mudroom door. I'm pretty sure this is from HomeSense or Winners. We used to have a little crafted heart hanging but it kept falling apart so this took it's place - easy peasy!

That's it! That's how we decorate for Valentine's Day!

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