Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites: Hello Spring!

Hello Friday! I have quite a few favorites to share this week! You might want to grab a comfy seat and a cup of tea before starting this post! This week was so good and I just couldn't narrow my favorites down anymore! Let's get started!
1. The Bean's birthday party is this weekend and I am beyond excited! I have loved planning all of her parties over the years but I think I love this year's most! She's having a tea party and this theme has been so much fun to work within. I am loving the food, the decor and the games! I'm working with a blush pink and gold color palate and everything is stunning - the napkins, the balloons. the cutlery! I should also note that I was lucky enough to inherit the most beautiful tea sets from my grandmother so the girls will be dining off the most amazing cups and saucers! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and I will share it all on my blog, soon!

2. Can we talk about Spring for a second? I am loving it! The whole spring forward business was no fun (hello exhaustion!) but the sun has been magnificent! I was leaving my 5:30 class the other day and realized - it was still light outside! What!? When did that happen? It has been so nice to have a couple extra hours of sun each day! All of this sun is really making me look forward to summer!
3. This girl has been gone for way too long! I was backing up pictures from my phone this week when this picture popped up and it made me so sad! My bestie, Hannah has been on an exchange in Poland since August and as much as I am excited for all that she is experiencing, I am over it! I am so ready for a major girls weekend upon her return!
4. I made these sable cookies last weekend and at first I was a little disappointed. They aren't what I was expecting. But once I wrapped my head around this crumbly dairy free, gluten free and sugar free creation they're actually pretty darn good! They're naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and they have been such a fun treat to have after dinner! I will be sharing the recipe for this fun clean eating treat next week!
5. Another dairy free treat I whipped up this week - guac! I know guacamole doesn't need to have dairy in it but the guac I was used to making was loaded up with all things dairy! I used to put sour cream, plain yogurt and mayo in my guac - I know, it was likely overkill but it was delicious! Since cutting out dairy and eggs, I was apprehensive to make guac but this vegan guac turned out so good! I'll share a recipe for this next week too!
6. Last Sunday, my skating kiddos had their end of year show and it was amazing! I am always so proud to see all of the hard work come together into such a cute little routine! They crushed it and I was crazy proud! At the end of the show, all of the kids get a balloon and until the balloons are given out they are stored in the coaches changing room - ah! When my coaches and I walked in we had a great range of reactions! It was the best mix of excitement and fear. My friend, Katya and I had to snap a picture but the other two thought we were crazy and wanted out of the room asap!

7. And lastly, a question about aquafaba! Haha! Just the name of that stuff has me laughing! I can't even type it into Pinterest with a straight face! I will not be saying that word out loud any time soon! I am so glad I can type it on my blog :) I saw that aquafaba is a great replacement for egg whites (especially in meringues and macarons). I know that it's the liquid that drains out of a can of chickpeas (which kind of makes my stomach turn) but have any of you used it? Do you love it? Is it worth trying? Thank for your input!

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See you on Monday with a song that I can't get enough of!

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