Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mermaid Off Duty Shirt & The Bean's Birthday

On Friday, the Bean turned 14! Ah! Most often, I still think I'm 15 but given our 8 year age gap, I'm definitely no longer 15! We celebrated the Bean's birthday with some quick presents before hopping in the car and heading off for Spring Break! Today, I'm sharing what I got the Bean for her birthday and a little 'how to' for how I made one of her birthday gifts.

This is the simple gift that I started out with - Canada's Olympic mittens. Small and simple, right? But then I got way crazy out of control. I just kept finding cute things and I couldn't resist. So...
I picked up this cute Alex & Ani bracelet for her. The Bean has always loved mermaids! She used to pretend she was a mermaid when she was really small. She has so grown out of this. Now, she is all about makeup and clothes. I wanted to find a way to entertain her current interests while still recognizing the little girl in her. This mermaid bracelet was the perfect gift for Bean!
Then, I ran out to Michael's to pick up some materials for a craft that I will mention a little later on in this post and I spotted this planner! It is so cute and it was on major discount, so I grabbed it. This was definitely a side gift, but I cannot day no to a good planner and since I already have one, it is perfect for the Bean!
And last, but not least -the Bean's mermaid shirt! This was the most last minute gift but it turned out so cute! I scrolled past it on Pinterest and I knew it would make a perfect gift for the Bean!
I picked up a plain white shirt (I grabbed a bit of a bigger size because the Bean likes to tie it up around her waist) from Michael's and crafted up the design on my cricut.
Once the decal is done, my cricut does all of the heavy lifting! I love watching my cricut do its thing!
To iron the decal onto the shirt, I put a cookie sheet inside the shirt and some parchment paper on top of the decal. I iron over the decal a few times and then the shirt is ready to go!
I typically leave the shirt to hang for a little while just to let everything set in place - I don't know if this actually does anything but I like giving my shirts a minute or two to cool.
Then I wrapped it up and it was ready to go! I am so happy with how the shirt turned out and she has been wearing it on repeat at the beach! This was definitely a mermaid themed birthday for the Bean!

I have a few cricut decals that I'm looking into sharing as cut files. If this interests you, stay tuned for future posts! Once |I get it all sorted out, I'll share!

Thank you for reading!

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