Monday, March 5, 2018

Music for Monday: Moondance

Hello Monday! I'm off for a little beach time today, but before I go, let's talk music! I first heard this song, years and years ago. I think I was six or seven. My parents took me to Shakespeare in the park to watch A Midsummer's Night Dream and for some reason this song is all I remember about the play! I know it played at some point but I don't know why! Every time, I hear this song, I think of that exact moment. I love that music can bring up such strong memories!
Moondance by Van Morrison

Moondance by Michael Bublé

I've included both the Van Morrison and the Michael BublĂ© version of Moondance because I love them both equally!  

I've gotta run, the beach is calling! Thank you for reading!

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