Monday, April 23, 2018

Music for Monday: Still

Hello, hello! I usually dread Mondays because they mean a full day of school, but now that school's done I am actually ready to embrace this Monday! I've had some blog work to catch up for awhile so today is all about the blog! I'm coming up on 2 years of blogging very soon and I think it's about time for some updates around here. I'm always a little daunted to make changes but, it's time! We'll see what I can figure out today!

I have a couple new recipes that I am trying this week and they look so good! I'm making a dairy free spaghetti squash chicken alfredo and I'm finally trying cauliflower rice! Fingers crossed everything turns out, and as long as we love them, I will share the recipe asap! So yes, food is in the works but today it's music! Onto the music!

Still - Seinabo Sey

This song is from the New Girl season 5 finale (my family just watched it last week!). I don't want to spoil anything, but this song was so perfect for the moment! The last two episodes in season 5 were so good and this song was such a lovely way to wrap it all up! I've never really thought about how music is used to make a moment in movies or TV shows but that's exactly what this song did. So good! 

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