Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Bean's Tea Party - The Games!

Last weekend, the Bean had her tea party and if I do say so myself, it was fabulous! I shared all about the tea party last week. You can read that post HERE. Today, I'm talking about the games I used at the party. Some of them, I've shared as a post and some of them are new. If I have posted about them, I will link to them. If I have not posted them, I will give a quick little recap and post about them in the future if they need further expanding. Make sense? As always, if you have questions, let me know!

On to the games! Here is everything we did at the Bean's party -

1. Psychiatrist (read about that game HERE) - I've long been waiting for the day when the Bean's friends would get this game! It is a little more complex and definitely best suited for an older audience. I still think the Bean's friends were a little young - some of them got it and some of them needed to play a few rounds before they got into it. I recommend this game for party guests ages 14-15 and up.

2. Song Synonyms (read about that game HERE) -This games worked so well at my family's Christmas party and I was so excited to play it again! The girls were thoroughly unimpressed to discover how irrelevant my music choices were. What can I say? I can't wait until their 21! It's hard to keep up with 14 year olds!

3. The -tea game - For this game, I chose a bunch of words that end in -ty. I read the definitions for each of the words and the girls had to identify the word. I will post my list of definitions and words soon!

4. Name that Beverage - For this game, I came up with a list of beverages and a description for each beverage. I read the description for the beverages out loud and split the girls in two teams to guess the beverages. I will post more about this game soon!

5. Name that Tea Bag - In this game, I chose 10 tea bags and labelled them with numbers 1-10. I kept a master list of each of the tea bag flavors. I spread the 10 tea bags around the table and instructed the girls that they had to smell each one and write down their best guess. I gave each girl a paper labelled with numbers 1-10 for them to write down their guesses. After the girls all smelled the tea bags, we went through their guesses and what the real answer was. This game was too funny! Their reactions to some of the tea bags were so funny and their guesses were even funnier!

6. The Game of Phones (read more HERE) This game turned out to be just okay. It looked better on paper than it was in real life. The girls had a good time taking their phones out for a minute though!

7. The Name Game (read all about this game HERE) This game was great! I only did the first two rounds with the girls and it went over really well! They each wrote down 8 names and let me just say, I hardly knew any of the names! Erica and I threw in some extra names to test the generation gap (even though there are only 7 years between us and these girls!) and guess what, it's real! These girls have no idea who Mary Poppins or Kate Middleton or Ryan Seacrest are! Isn't that wild! And yet they can identify Logan Paul and Jacob Sartorius with just one word! Oh my stars I was feeling like an 85 year old woman in that room!

I am so looking forward to re-using some of these games and trying out some new ones at my tea party!

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