Thursday, April 5, 2018

Top 5: Quotes Edition #9

It has been a hot minute since I've shared my favorites quotes around here! I pin quotes all. the. time. The last time I did this was in November, so it took me a while to narrow this down to just 5 quotes! I do have quite a few recipes to share in the near future, but I'm sharing quotes today and I'll be posting some spectacular recipes next week!

In this busy season of finals, this has been my motto! I am on the look out for normal little bits of happy through my final papers and exams!

Can you tell that I love black writing on a white background? So crisp! This is what the majority of my pinned fonts look like! I do love what they say too! This quote always makes me think of Wonder! I watched the movie the other day and I remembered just how much I love it! I love everything that movie promotes!

Let be known that another one of my favorite things is rhyming quotes! And this quote is just perfect! I've been working really hard to pause and feel grateful several times throughout my days.

Yes! I love this quote! And I love people that light up my life! I'm starting to put the plans together for my tea party (in May!) and I am so excited to have all of my favorite girls in one place!

And since Spring is in full swing around here, I am starting to look forward to Summer! I love the sunshine and I am so excited to head to the beach and bask in the sun! I am looking forward to so much about this Summer!

See you tomorrow with my favorite things from this week!

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