Monday, May 28, 2018

Music for Monday: Dance Rehearsals 2018

It's Monday! And Mondays mean music around here! Last year during the Bean's dance recital season, I shared the three songs she was dancing to. You can read that post HERE. Yesterday was her dress rehearsal so I got to see a little sneak preview of her routines and guess what? They look so good! I loved the three songs she danced to last year but this year's are just as fun! This year, I'm documenting her rehearsal and show to share in a post. It'll be full of our tips and tricks for dance shows along with a little recap of our dance days!

Mic Drop - BTS
This is her hip hop song! She played the song for me a couple of months ago and I have to admit I was confused! I know BTS has become a huge phenomenon lately, but I don't actually love their music. I was curious to see how this routine would turn out and I was pleasantly surprised! Hip Hop is the Bean's favorite thing and she gets into it! She loved her hip hop class this year and it is so evident in how she goes for this dance! When the Bean is dancing hip hop you can usually find me in the audience half in shock half laughing my head off because girlfriend has swag! She definitely inherited all the swag genes in our family - I sure didn't get any of those! 

New York, New York Remix by Ray Quinn
This song is so. much. fun. I love the Bean's Jazz dance this year! I mean, I'm ready to rush the stage and join right in! New York, New York is such a classic and this remix could not be any better! The Bean is all swag when she does Hip Hop, but she totally brought the sass for this routine! 

Okay let's talk about her contemporary song that we cannot find anywhere! I'm going to get her to ask her teacher for the name of this song because what the heck!? I'm pretty good at tracking down music and I couldn't find this song anywhere! I asked the Bean what her song was and she said "I don't know but I'm an iceberg." Yes. That's a direct quote. I think they're supposed to be icebergs in her dance but I didn't get that vibe from it. It's a beautiful dance but it takes me a little longer to get into Contemporary. By her last show next week, there's a good chance that this will be my favorite dance but it takes me a little longer to get the story. Talk to me next week when I've seen her dance this routine 6 times and I'll probably be able to recite a short novel about it!

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!

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