Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favorites: The Last of May

I have never noticed how busy the Spring is! Maybe this year is busier than others, or maybe I notice it more as I age but this Spring is definitely kicking my booty! I am so looking forward to the chill time during the summer! This week was oh so fun and I'm here to recap the very best parts for you!

1. Did you watch the royal wedding last weekend? I didn't watch every minute of it - I just couldn't do 6 hours! I fast forwarded through all of the entrances but once the royals started arriving I watched right through! I am so glad I did because this speech was so good! This is Bishop Michael Curry and I was so moved by what he had to say! I really recommend you watch the whole speech, but if you don't have time; here is a little recap - choose love and keep choosing to love others. I love the timing of this address and I am so glad it happened on such a global platform.
2. Another great little speech that occurred this week - Kelly Clarkson opened the Billboard music awards with this touching moment. Any act of hatred is so difficult to address. I mean, I started writing this paragraph on Monday and I just finished it yesterday evening. It took me four days to write these words mostly because there are no words. That being said, I think Kelly Clarkson addressed the recent violence in Texas wonderfully. I completely agree that we need action. We need something to change. I am so not one who usually speaks out about these things. I think there is a lot of noise in our world about a lot of different things. And if I contribute one thing to that noise it will absolutely be in love and to hope that there is more love in our future.
3. What I find especially difficult about addressing hard topics is moving on from them. How am I to talk about extreme tragedy in one breath and go on to talk about cookies? It is so easy for me to make a quick change of pace because I am safe and my loved ones are safe. So while I am moving on to lighter topics, know that there is still heaviness in my heart.

Did you catch this cookie recipe on Tuesday? I made these cookies to celebrate my bloggaversary last week! And they were absolutely delicious! The chocolate and nut pairing was darn good and I'm already thinking about when I can make these again!

4. The Bean's dance festivities start this weekend! She has her recital this weekend and her show next weekend. We're always busy as can be during show season but it is one of my favorite things all year! I always accompany the Bean backstage to help her with hair and makeup then run out to watch her dance. I know there was a Dance Moms show but is there a Dance Sisters? Because I'd be prime candidate! Ha! I say that in jest, I don't think I'm nearly crazy enough! But I do love all of the fun that comes with dance shows!
5. You've probably all heard about this by now. I think I may have been the last on the Yanny vs. Laurel train but I finally heard the sound clip and I am team Yanny! Some people have told me that they hear Yanny sometimes and Laurel other times. I am not one of those people! I always hear Yanny!
6. Y'all. This is my Dad measuring salt. I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried. The other day, I walked into the kitchen and he was measuring salt like this! I have never in my life thought of measuring this way and I was really shocked to see such precision! When a recipe I'm making calls for say 1/2 teaspoon of salt, I just grate some salt in the dish - I never ever measure out the salt! And while we like to poke fun at my Dad, I should also mention that I am so grateful for the delicious dinner he made this night with such accurately measured salt!

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 Have a fabulous weekend!

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