Thursday, July 19, 2018

22 facts for 22 years!

Saturday is my twenty second birthday! What!? You better believe I will be blasting Taylor Swift's '22' all day and potentially all year! Is there a better anthem for this age!? I think not! So since I am almost 22 (and I don't blog on Saturdays), I thought I would share 22 facts about me! I did this back on my 20th birthday (you can read that HERE) and it was a challenge to come up with more random facts!
1. I was on TV when I was 17! I went to the Just for laughs Gala and the show I attended was on TV. I keep the show on my PVR all the time, I can't imagine ever deleting it but I never, ever watch it. I say I never watch it but I just did to find this picture! You can very faintly see me and one of my favorite girls from high school, Alessia right in front of Kristin Chenoweth!
2. I never had Netflix before this year and I watched through my first two TV shows - Gilmore Girls and New Girl! I had never watched through an entire TV series before.

3. I'm 5'4'' and I've been 5'4'' since I was 12! I used to be taller than everyone - I was that really tall kid in the last row of school pictures. But, I haven't grown since and most everyone has gotten taller than me! Everyone used to say I was going to be so tall (my pediatrician predicted 6 feet) and to be honest, I'm kind of glad I never ended up growing that tall.

4. I hate waiting until the end to know what happens - books, movies & TV shows. I always read spoilers or flip to the end of the book because I can't stand being in the unknown. I always finish the book/movie/TV show, I just like knowing what to expect.
5. In grade eleven, my gym teacher gave us an assignment where we had to teach a dance to the entire class. I taught the class how to do the Gangnam style dance. I am so so glad no one has that on video!

6. My favorite number is 3. I was born at 3:33 and I just love 3!

7. I love ordering things - specifically alphabetically! I adore putting things in alphabetical order, but I still sing the alphabet in my head when I'm alphabetizing!

8. I don't drink coffee. To me, this is totally normal because I have never been a coffee drinker but others are always shocked when I say this. I will have tea over coffee any day and always decaffeinated tea.

9. On the theme of drinks; I hate soft drinks. Occasionally, I'll have a sip of ginger ale, but otherwise, I can't take the carbonation. I joke with the Bean that after just one sip, I feel like an air head!

10. I have a really good memory. I think I have a good memory generally, but I'm specifically good with birthdays, names and phone numbers. I still remember my elementary school friends' phone numbers and birthdays! And my memory for names is a huge asset when I'm teaching.

11. I'm not good at social media. You may notice if you follow me on Instagram. I go through spurts where I'm good and others where I just forget I even have social media! Sometimes, I don't touch any social media account for days at a time! This is especially ironic, because part of my job involves running a social media account!

12. I adore finding typos in books! Like how many people had to have missed that before it got printed. So fascinating!

13. And since we're talking about books... I write in all of my books! My friend Hannah typically reads every book after I read it. And by the time she reads it, I forget what happened and what I thought. So, I write it down for her!

14. If you know me well and get me one on one, I'm a talker but in a classroom situation (where I'm not the teacher), I don't talk at all! I like to sit in class and just listen, I really only talk unless I absolutely have to!

15. My favorite subject to study is English. I was always strong in English in high school and I still just love words and writing.

16. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood!) but I have had a kidney stone (ouch!).

17. In many of my classes, the teacher goes around the room on the first day and asks everyone to introduce themselves and share a fact about themselves and I can never think of something to say! I usually end up slewing together a really awkward sentence!
18. I'm super athletic and physically capable but if you ask me to play a sport with a ball involved the answer will be a big no! I'm all about skating, yoga, skiing, zumba, dance... you know sports where it's just you. But throw in a ball and it's a big no ma'am from me!

19. My favorite thing to drink is water! I will always choose water over any other drink!
20. I can name all 50 states of America but I'm Canadian!
21. The Beach is my place, if I could be anywhere in the world it would be the beach. I will always choose the beach!

22. Being in a grocery store makes me feel overwhelmed+++! Unless, I'm on vacation! I love grocery shopping on vacation but I would rather do just about anything else when I'm home!

Thanks for reading!

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