Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites: Hello Vacation!

Wahoo it's Friday! And with this Friday comes so much fun! I'm talking my birthday, some beach time - I can't wait to celebrate 22 with my favorite people in my favorite place! Keep reading for my little weekly recap!

1. I have to kick off this post by rewinding to early this week - we stopped in a cute local bakery only to discover they carry the most fun Gluten Free treats! I got to have a croissant! It has been a hot minute since I've had a croissant, because where oh where is one supposed to find a croissant that is gluten free and dairy free? Apparently croissants are not totally reliant on butter because this croissant was made with coconut oil and it was fabulous! A croissant topped with strawberry jam is one of all time favorite treats!

2. And right next to that bakery is this cutest store called Marché Émilie - the decor was darling and they had the most fun goodies to browse through! They carry some amazing natural cleaning products, some gluten free baking supplies (think pie crust and bread!) but I was most impressed with their pizza! I have been craving this pizza lately but it is so hard to find gluten free! I was so excited to fun it at this fun little shop and it was delicious! It has made for the best lunches this week!
3. On Wednesday, I got to have a little early birthday celebration with my grandparents (and of course, Miss Bean!)! These three have indulged me in many birthday celebrations (even if I wanted to celebrate in January!). I was so happy to grab lunch with them! They have just spoiled me rotten for the past 22 years - I'm a very lucky girl!
4. Yesterday, I shared 22 random facts about myself because I'm just about to be 22! What a fun post to write, but challenging! SO challenging! It's almost like looking at yourself from the outside for a second. Everything on that list is second nature to me, because it's my normal. It was difficult to come up with facts that are relatively unknown about me, but also somewhat interesting to read about! If you are interested learning a little more about me, you should check out this post!
5. Tomorrow is my actual birthday, but since we're leaving on vacation, I'm celebrating with my family tonight! I'm so ready for a little beach time, but first I'm ready for this pie! I woke up bright and early this morning so that this fabulous treat has ample time to set in the fridge! This pie makes the most perfect dessert! You can find the recipe HERE.

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Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope your weekend is oh so joyful!

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