Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Recent Cricut Projects

Life is a little hectic around here, so today's post is short and sweet! Needing to keep this on the short side & wanting to share two of my recent cricut projects makes for the perfect blog post! I've been feeling like crafting all. the. time. Usually, I just feel like baking, but lately all I've wanted to do is craft! I got my cricut for Christmas a couple of years ago and it still gets so much use! It is the very best tool to have on hand!
This first project is one that I've had my eye on for a while! We often include a photo booth in our parties - it's quick to put together and it's easy entertainment! I know I will love having this sign on hand for all of our party needs!

I approached this project a little differently than I have other signs. I'll walk you through it - I used a 6x12'' pieces of wood, painted it white. Once it was primed white, I lined the edges with painter's tape and painted the sides of the sign brown. I love how the different colored sides stands out a little and compliments the writing!

For this project, I used vinyl as a stencil and painted the letters onto the sign. I intended to take pictures but in no time at all my hands were covered in paint - not great for picture taking. My cricut cut out the vinyl stencil, I stuck the stencil onto the wood then used a sponge brush to fill in the letters with paint. I used the same brown paint as the edges. I was going for a clean look that would work in any party situation. Yes, I theme parties differently but I think this sign is versatile enough to work at different parties.

I can't wait to put this sign to use! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share the final looks! Onto the next project!
Yesterday, I shared part of my aunt's birthday gift & this was another part! This is the bag we put all of the other presents in! We filled this cute beach bag with some chips, some of that delicious potato chip & pretzel bark and some pink Himalayan sea salt!

As my aunt's birthday was approaching, I suggested making a beach bag for her because we had just come home from the beach! My family decided on a quote and I programmed my cricut to cut it out. I cut the quote out in metallic blue heat transfer vinyl then ironed the quote onto a tote bag. I ordered 2 of these tote bags last summer. We gave one as a gift last year and it made a perfect gift again this year!

I'll be back with favorites tomorrow!

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