Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pumpkin Picking 2018

The alternative title for this post was The Great Pumpkin Fail of 2018. Which is actually a more appropriate title but I didn't want to choose a totally negative name for this post. We did not actually get to pick pumpkins out of a patch but we still got to choose some pumpkins and we had a great day! Today, I'm sitting down to share a few pictures and stories from our pumpkin picking day!

We pulled up to the little pumpkin patch only to find out that there had already been a frost up north - so all the pumpkins had frozen. Fabulous, right? The field of pumpkins was bare as can be. There were a few smashed pumpkins and otherwise, just rows and rows of nothing.

There weren't pumpkins for us to actually pick, but luckily they had set some aside that were picked before the frost. We were bummed not to pick the pumpkins but happy to still go home with cute pumpkins to put on our front stoop!

They had some regular orange pumpkins for us to choose from but they also had other options! They had irregular pumpkins, white ones, smaller ones, funny looking gourds - they actually had a great selection! We brought our family friend Roma with us and we had so much fun looking through all of the pumpkins!
While we were waiting for a little tractor ride around the farm, the Bean & Roma went running through the rows of corn. Can you spot 2 faces among the rows of corn? I can only find one but there's another girl in there somewhere!

I got the Bean and Roma to take a few pictures of me on this tractor and it was a hot mess - I ended up with a bunch of silly selfies on my phone and a few of me in the wildest poses. I think I was trying to get there attention (hence the funny faces) and it worked! They only took funny pictures of me :)
After a whole lot of silliness, I'm really glad I got to grab a cute picture with Miss Bean. We had never visited a pumpkin patch before and even though it wasn't a complete success, I am still so happy we went! Our plan for next year, is to go earlier in the year, before the frost so that we actually get some pumpkins!

Happy Tuesday!

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