Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Is It Christmas Yet?

Friday makes me all kinds of happy! Another week is in the books and I am beyond ready for Christmas! I have two weeks left of school (plus 2 exams - ugh!) and I am so looking forward to some Christmas down time! I always love sitting down to post my favorite things from the week, and this week is no exception! My favorites are a little mix of everything - some food, some skating, some travel and some dancing. Such a fun mix! Let's get to it!

1. Yesterday, I blogged all about skating. I talked about the Thank you Canada Tour that I saw last weekend and I shared a little insight into my skating experiences. I was so excited about yesterday's post and I had much more to say than I even realized! I had a little mental checklist of things I wanted to cover in that post and I forgot something. I totally forgot to pay proper tribute to Elvis Stojko! Stojko reached the peak of his career before I was even born, but his legacy has definitely lasted into my lifetime. I've seen him skate live several times. I've even gotten to skate in the same show as him - that's what the picture above is from!

He is always impressive to see live. He is such a showman on the ice, but I had never realized how much he changed figure skating for men until I heard Patrick Chan & Scott Moir talk about him during the Thank You Canada Tour. They both recognized Stojko as a huge inspiration for them saying that he made figure skating cool for men. He brings a masculinity to the sport that is incomparable. I love watching him skate, but it is even cooler to watch him knowing that I've met him!
2. I made brownies this week that caused a bit of an uproar in my house. My parents are big coffee lovers, especially my Dad so I knew these brownies would be hit. But I had no idea they would get as much love as they did! These are espresso fudge brownies and they changed the brownie game around here! I don't even love coffee (in fact, I dislike coffee), but I still loved these brownies! The Bean was asking for seconds (and thirds!) and we all agreed that we don't miss gluten, dairy or sugar as long as these brownies are around! I will post this recipe next week. You might want to re-schedule any prior commitments and stay home to make these brownies - they're that good!
3. I have a bunch of pictures to share from our little weekend getaway to Quebec City last weekend. We went to see the skating show, but got to do a little touring around the old city. I haven't been to Quebec City since I was 10, but it was beautiful! Isn't the picture above gorgeous? That stunning view of the city made walking around in the freezing cold SO worth it!
4. I know just 2 seconds I said that I don't miss gluten, dairy or sugar but here I am telling you that as long as these muffins are in my house, not eating gluten, dairy or sugar is tough! The Bean has a little class breakfast at school this morning and I helped her make these muffins to bring in to share with her classmates. Before cutting out all the food intolerances, these muffins were my absolute favorite! Jordan Marsh's Blueberry Muffins are the BEST and I can't wait to hear what Miss Bean's classmates think! If you need a little blueberry muffin in your life, you can find the recipe HERE.
5. I have been loving the new spin on Dancing with the Stars - the junior edition is so cute! I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do watch, I'm probably watching dancing! This show is so well done and the little mini dancers just melt my heart every week. This duo - Ariana and Artyon did hip hop this week and it was amazing! I like to think I look this cool when I go to hip hop classes with the Bean during the summer but there's no way!

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I hope your weekend is full of happy!

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