Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Thank You Canada Tour & Skating Chat

Today, I'm writing about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world - figure skating! I don't talk about skating often on my blog, but it is something that it is very dear to my heart. This past weekend, I got to see Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's Thank You Canada Tour (it was incredible) and it had me reflecting on some of the amazing skating experiences I've had this year. I'm talking all things skating today - the tour I saw this weekend, other skating I've watched this year and a little about my own personal experiences in skating.
When Tessa & Scott announced the Thank You Canada tour, I was bummed to find out they weren't coming to Montreal. Not only were they not coming to Montreal, they were barely coming anywhere near Montreal. The closest they got to Montreal was Quebec City and my parents surprised me with tickets to the Quebec City show for my birthday! The show was this past Saturday and it was SO good. I've seen a lot of great skating live but this show surpassed everything else because it was light-hearted and fun. The cast was genuinely enjoying every minute on the ice.

The Thank You Canada tour takes on such a creative side of traditional figure skating. Yes, there are still technical elements involved (it is skating after all!) but overwhelmingly, it was different. There was more dancing, a grand piano on the ice and a flash mob! A live figure show that incorporates a dance floor, live music and flash mob is my kind of show!

I was talking about the show with one of my friends this week and she asked if I remember the moment when Tessa and Scott won gold in PyeongChang. Yes, I remember that moment so vividly and after telling her this story she said I have to blog it so here we go...

Tessa and Scott skated their free dance on Monday February 19 (actually, more like Feb. 20th because it was after midnight!). I told myself I wasn't going to watch. It was too late and I had an early morning class with a big test the next day. I was pretty sure they would win gold and I tried to reassure myself over and over that it would be on the DVR for me to watch the next day. I really did try to go to sleep but I was SO antsy! I decided to grab my phone and check updates of their skate to make sure they got gold.

I remember refreshing the page and seeing their free program scores appear. I tried to do some quick math because the page wasn't refreshing to tell me if they had actually won. I knew their scores were darn close to the French pair and I was about ready to lose my mind! It felt like forever but the live updates finally announced Tessa and Scott as the winners and I couldn't take it; I had to watch it! I was sitting on the floor of my room thinking this is Olympic history!!! I can't sleep through Olympic history!! So I ran downstairs and I watched it all! I watched their free skate and their reactions after (Scott Moir hugging his brothers after winning was the sweetest!!). Even though I likely didn't do my best work on my test the next day, I am so glad I watched that skate.

If you haven't seen their Moulin Rouge free skate, it's a must see! Seriously, drop everything and watch it now! Obviously I watch this skate with a figure skater's perspective but I think it's an interesting watch even for non-skaters! They skated this free program on Saturday night and it was just enthralling. They harness such power and tenderness into one skate. I will forever be inspired by this skate!

Another story that I have to share today, is about how I got my start in skating. I've always loved watching skating but when my parents put me in skating when I was 4, it was not all that I hoped it would be - it was cold, I was not into the helmet and my feet always hurt. So not glamorous. I did a couple lessons but I used to cry so much that my parents decided to take me out of skating. But, there was still a little part of me that was drawn to the ice. When I was 6 or 7, I was at free skate with my Dad and there was a girl at center ice doing a camel spin. I remember everything about that moment so clearly and I just knew I had to skate.

It took me until I was 9 to actually be able to handle skating lessons independently. It's a tough sport and it definitely took me a minute to get my bearings. Since then, I've become way more comfortable on the ice (sometimes it feels like the arena is my second home) and skating has brought out something truly unparalleled in me. I feel my most confident when I'm on the ice. I love that skating challenges my grace as well as my strength. It is without a doubt, 'my sport'!

I saw an interview with Elvis Stojko recently in which he accredits his success on the ice to the little boy in him who fell in love with skating. I try to remind myself of the little girl who dreamed of this every time I step on the ice. The little girl who pitched some gnarly fits over sore feet and cold hands. The little girl was awestruck by seeing a spin in person for the first time. That little girl would have the biggest smile on her face if she saw me skate today. I'm no Olympic champion, but I am so proud of the accomplishments I have achieved in skating and I am so thankful for the confidence skating has given me.

Last little tidbit before I wrap up today's post about the Thank You Canada Tour - while it is incredible to see everyone skate live, I was most inspired by Kaetlyn Osmond on this tour. She is a ladies singles skater (like me!) and she's a lefty (like me!). Lefty's jump and spin the opposite way than most skaters do and I am always excited to discover a fellow lefty! Kaetlyn is the youngest person on the tour and she holds her own! I am continuously impressed by how she effortlessly pairs elegance and poise with such fierce strength.

Is that enough skating talk for one day? I'm getting together with one of my very favorite skating friends tomorrow (and she has a blog! You can find Jess HERE). Jess and I started skating together when we were 11 and we hit it off right away! I think Jess and I will be crafting something up that might turn into a blog post, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I read this a bit late- but this made me so nostalgic of our many years skating together! Your love for skating is so tangible when you write and talk. And, as always, it was so fun catching up yesterday xox

    1. I have so many fond memories of our skating days! And, I am always so appreciative of your encouragement & your light! I'll muster up some creativity for a craft day soon! xo