Monday, November 26, 2018

Music for Monday: Jessie J Christmas

I had every intention of sharing a 'regular' song today. And, by regular I mean not Christmas. I even started writing a post, but my heart just wasn't in it because I am in full Christmas mode. The air has chilled, the ground is covered in snow and I have Christmas music playing all the time! So, I'm switching to Christmas music on the blog too. Something about Christmas music puts me in an instant good mood. It's cozy, it's hopeful and full of so much joy! I'm excited to kick off the season with this new Christmas song, it has been getting a lot of play on my Spotify!

Man with the Bag by Jessie J
 This song was originally recorded by Kay Starr in 1953 and Jessie J sticks pretty close to the original sound. Jessie J's rendition sounds a little more current but I love that she maintained so much of the light hearted sound from the original song.

I'm looking forward to sharing more Christmas fun!

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