Thursday, December 20, 2018

Deck the Halls

This post is long overdue. I've been meaning to share a little look into our Christmas decor for weeks, but am just getting around to it now. I snapped some pictures to give you a little look around some of my favorite parts of my house at Christmas time.

Before we get started, I should mention - we went smaller than usual this year. I love that I got to grow up in house that does Christmas (& Christmas decor) so well but I can totally appreciate us going a little smaller this year for a couple of reasons. 1st - We are in a major renovation. Everything is turned upside down so we didn't get all of the Christmas stuff out. 2nd -  We are leaving on a fun trip just days after Christmas. We have gotten to enjoy a few decorations all through December and I know we will be glad not to have to put too much away when we get home from our trip! And 3rd - We have had some pretty extravagant Christmases and while I love to celebrate big, I love that we are having a quieter year to focus on togetherness instead of material things.

My very favorite part of of every Christmas is our tree. We cut down our tree at a local Christmas tree farm - a newer tradition for us but it quickly became one of my favorites. I love how the twinkle lights reflect in the windows and there's something about a Christmas tree next a to a piano - it makes my heart so happy!
We just couldn't leave these guys in a box for the holiday season! So, we sat them atop our piano! My mom bought these years ago to give as a gift, but then she fell in love with them and couldn't part with them. I love these little Christmas gnomes!
Look who's back in town! Our elf, Arty and all her silly antics came back for another season of holiday fun! The Bean got a kick out of her swinging from the light fixtures in our kitchen. And the background of this picture gives you a little peak of the garland and twinkle lights hanging over our back door. I can never resist more twinkle lights!
I love a table set for Christmas! As much as I love our Fall decor, I never mind tucking it away to pull out the Christmas stuff, especially the table cloths! I love Christmas table cloths! Other than the festive table cloth, we leave put candles out and a little glass jar full of Christmas balls.
I love this wall hanging advent calendar! I love that it's reusable and I love getting to have a little dark chocolate everyday!
Our mantle is pretty simple this year. We kept most of our decorations tucked away but I was sure to take out a garland and more twinkle lights to line the mantle. We have some regular twinkle lights and some pine cone twinkle lights strung into a Christmas garland. The sign is one that I made years ago with a friend and I love taking it out every year!
And, the best decoration of all! My mom got this for the Bean and I years ago and I couldn't love it any more!

That's it! Just a few Christmas touches! I have been daydreaming about what next Christmas will be like... Once our renovation is done, I'm going all out on Christmas!


  1. Great Christmas decorating! I would love to see your place when it's all decked out.
    Does your Elf still do crazy stuff, or has she calmed down now that you're older? Have a great vacation :D

    1. Thank you, Andrew! Our elf is still wild as can be! :) She is always up to no good! We like to take turns moving the elf around & pranking each other now that we're older though.