Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Picking our Christmas Tree 2018

Every once in a while I have a little moment while I'm blogging - I just sat down to write this post and realized this is my third time recapping my family choosing our Christmas tree. How crazy is that? You can read those old recaps here - Picking our Tree 2016 // Picking our Tree 2017. Somehow, this day never loses it's charm. I love the Christmas tree farm, it's the very best way to kick off the season!

In the past, it has been freezing at the Christmas tree farm. It is a little bit further north so we get a bit more of a chill. But, this year, it was perfect! There was just the right amount of chill in the air and there was a fresh dusting of snow. We hopped on the tractor to go out into the fields and pick out tree.

Perfect, right? I love walking through the trees to find the perfect one.Usually, my Dad is the one who cuts down the tree, but guess who cut it down this year?

If you guessed me... you're right!! It wasn't as hard as I was expecting and my Dad said he far preferred taking pictures to doing the dirty work.
When I got about halfway through the trunk of the tree, my Mom took over - it was all about girl power this year!
And this is our tree since we've taken it home & decorated it. And as I'm looking at the picture, I realize that the lights are two different colors - ugh! The top of the tree is so bright compared to the bottom. It doesn't show up this obviously in person, but now it's all I see when I look at the tree!

Stay tuned for more Christmas fun!

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