Monday, December 3, 2018

Music for Mondays: Santa's Coming for Us

I almost changed the title of this post a couple of times - It's kind of creepy, right? My favorite Christmas song of Sia's is 'Santa's Coming for Us' and I promise, the song isn't creepy at all! It is so much fun! I'm always impressed when an artist can release an original Christmas song that fits right in with the classics. For some reason, I think it must be harder to write an original Christmas song than an everyday song. Not that I have any song writing experience, but I think original Christmas tracks are tricky!

Santa's Coming for Us - Sia
When I was making my Christmas playlist for this season, this is the first song I put on the playlist. It's a holiday must have! It's festive and upbeat - a perfect holiday jam!

22 days until Christmas!

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