Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Favorites: Goodbye November

November went by in the blink of an eye and I am so happy to welcome December this weekend! There is so much festive fun on its way and I am just counting down the days. As usual, I'm linking up with some other bloggers to share my favorite parts of this week.

1. We took our Christmas picture last weekend and I can't wait to see how they turn out! We shot our picture against a blue screen this year so there's a little more editing involved. This picture gives you a sneak into the Christmas jammies we sported for the picture, the blue screen and the gross hot chocolates the Bean I held for the picture. I say gross because they weren't actually hot chocolate. They were mugs filled with crumpled paper and topped with shaving cream (to look like whipped cream) and sprinkles. After our little shoot the fake whipped cream look pretty gross!
2. I mentioned last week that our house is under major renovation right now - we haven't gotten into the bulk of the reno yet, but our cozy little home will get quite chaotic in the new year! Since started the renovation, there are all sorts of wild things on our front lawn - mud (lots and lots of mud!), our old mudroom and fence and big construction trucks! Yesterday, when the Bean and I got home from school we ran out to take a picture on one of the trucks!
3. We are going to get our tree this weekend! Every year, my family bundles up and heads to our favorite Christmas tree farm to find the most perfect tree to celebrate the season. This is one of my favorite days of the whole year. It's always freezing cold but I love that we kick off the season this way!

4. I am in my last few days of classes and I could not be happier! I have a couple last assignments to finish up and 2 exams before I go into full Christmas mode but I am so ready! This semester was hard - by far my hardest semester at university thus far. But with the end of my Bachelor's near, I am powering through! I cannot wait for a little holiday festivity though - I'm starting to think about a Christmas party for my friends. I can't wait to celebrate with my girls!

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Have a fabulous weekend!

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