Monday, February 25, 2019

Music for Monday: Love is the Answer

I heard this song last Friday when I got home from a hectic day of teaching and it made my week. I know I talked about this in my Friday Faves post but, teaching is hard. It is so challenging to get through to all the little minds in one classroom, but it is so rewarding. The beginning of last week was hard, but near the end of the week, I finally felt like I was winning the kids over. I finally had the class on my side, and that makes a huge difference when teaching.

When I got home and heard this song, I understood how I had won them over - I fell in love with them. I was sitting in the classroom on Monday and Tuesday racking my brain about how to get through to these kids. But, the answer was simple - I had to give it time, get to know them and absolutely fall in love with them. I was apprehensive about teaching grade 5, but these kids are smart, they're funny, they're creative, and they are so capable. I know these next 6 weeks will challenge me in many ways but I will continue to tell myself - love is the answer and it always will be.

Love is Still the Answer - Jason Mraz
I posted the video above, because it's darn good! The clips featured in this video are so heartwarming - I guarantee they will put a smile on your face! I'm thinking about doing a project similar to this video with my 5th graders - asking them to film something that represents love to them then compiling the clips into a video. perhaps as a goodbye present to them...?  The wheels in my brain are spinning :)

Love, love, love to you on this Monday!

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