Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Favorites: Spring Break Recap

These past few weeks have flown right by because my days have been so full. After this weekend my days will be a little lighter. Part of what makes my weeks oh so full is coaching skating, but that wraps up this weekend. My skating kids have their final show this weekend and they are ready to crush it! But, I'm getting ahead of myself! This post is all about this week. So, here are the highlights from my week...

1. How many beach pictures are too many pictures? I can never get enough of this view! My family had the best week at the beach last week for Spring Break. The sun was magnificent and it was so lovely to have a week off with my people.
2. Just like we did last year, we painted Sand Dollars, but this year we painted as a whole family! We don't often get to do crafty things all together. It was so fun to have a few quiet moments painting and sipping tea. We finished off with some new sand dollars to add to our collection. And, I love how they turned out!
3. One of the very best parts from our trip was seeing dolphins almost everyday! We've seen dolphins once or twice before in Florida but they were especially abundant this year. We saw so many dolphins and they came crazy close to the shore - like 10 feet away!! It was completely magical! Every time we'd see one, the Bean and I would run along the shore to follow it for as long as we could. There is something so unbelievable about seeing dolphins that close!
4. Yes, the dolphins were magical but wanna know what else was magical? Poppo's Taqueria! Ha! Yes, I just called a taco place magical, and there really isn't a better word to describe this place. I know I usually go on and on about how much I love Chipotle, but Poppo's Taqueria gave Chipotle a serious run for it's money! Poppo's is a little taco place on Anna Maria Island and it is taco perfection. Pictured above is a corn taco with a baby bowl - so good!
5. We discovered Nada Moo dairy free ice cream while we were in California and it has since become my personal mission to seek out Nada Moo ice cream everywhere I go! Nada Moo is made in Texas and is only available in select places in the States. It can be a little tricky to find but it hands down the best dairy free ice cream I have every had. I was so happy to try some new flavors while in Florida! If you can get your hands on a pint of Nada Moo, I highly, highly recommend it!

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Happy weekend sweet readers!

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