Monday, April 22, 2019

Music for Monday: A Safe Place to Land

Happy Easter Monday, sweet readers! I have been saving this post for a couple of weeks as an attempt to harness my love for Sara Bareilles' music. I have blogged about Sara Bareilles 10 times. Yes, on 10 separate occasions I have shared a Sara Bareilles song (or two!) and I'm talking about another one today!

I think I've mentioned before that one of my favorite qualities about music is its ability to soothe. I love listening to a song and feeling like you're being rocked. Some songs just give me all the happy feels and this is one of those songs. Grab a blanket and a warm mug of tea because this song will have you feeling all cozy!

A Safe Place to Land - Sara Bareilles & John Legend
When I was teaching a couple of weeks ago, I would come home and listen to this song over and over again just to have a little minute of quiet after a hectic day. It's that kind of song - it helps me find my quiet and calm among the chaos (and her album is called amidst the chaos - I don't think that's a coincidence).

See you tomorrow!

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