Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Party Games: Picking Up Chicks

This past Saturday, we hosted Easter Dinner for a group of our family and friends. We had 18 people to entertain and I was so excited to come up with some games for the big crowd. We played two games and they both went super well. I'm taking about one of the games today and I will post about the other one next week.

This game is called picking up chicks and yes, part of the appeal was the name. We were a little apprehensive about the mess this game could create, but it was surprisingly easy to clean up and didn't actually that much of a mess. Here is my suggestions about mess - if you're playing with young kids, play outside. We played inside with adults (and some older kids) and the mess was manageable.
For this game, you will need - shower caps (for half of the party guests - if you have 10 people at your party, you need 5 shower caps), shaving cream and Marshmallow Peeps or Cheetos. We could not find Peeps anywhere so we opted to use Cheetos.

Here is how the game works -
  1. Ask all of the party guests to split into pairs of two. For the purpose of explaining the game, I will call them partner 1 & partner 2, but there is no need to do this when you're animating the game.
  2. Partner 1 will be the one throwing the Peeps or the Cheetos and partner 2 will be the one wearing the shower caps. Have all of the partner 2s put their shower caps on and cover the shower caps pretty generously with shaving cream.
  3. Have partner 1 and partner 2 stand about 5 feet apart (this distance can be adjusted to better fit the age and ability of your party guests).
  4. This is technically a minute to win it game, so set a timer for 1 minute and say 'go' to start the madness. Much like the distance between the partners, you can easily adjust this time to better fit your party guests. 
  5. At the end of the game, the person with the most Cheetos or Peeps on their head is the winner.
This game requires very little set up and if you are on top of the clean up, it is also easy as can be. I had a garbage bag on hand so that once the game was over I could go around and collect all of the shower caps and pick up any stray Cheetos.

I should also mention that you should make sure you have a camera close by for this game. You do not want to miss out on the fun candid moments during this hilarious game!

Happy Tuesday!

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