Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Faves: The Last of May

Every year as summer rolls around, there is always so much fun to look forward to - the Bean's dance show is this weekend and I am so excited to see her do her thing. I keep telling her that I'm excited to see her dance. In fact, I think I've been telling her too often because she told me to calm down yesterday - ha! I'll try to keep my excitement in check over here as I share my favorites from this week ;)

Last weekend, we took my grandmother out for a mani/pedi and breakfast. I ordered a fruit plate and was in awe of this gorgeous platter. I mean, does it get more summer-y than this? I think not! It was a pretty heavenly breakfast.
After our mani/pedi, we had some quick errands to run and I grabbed a smoothie at our local health food store. The smoothie was called La Vie en Rose and I really couldn't have thought of a better name. The Bean and I both agreed that if we had to assign a flavor to La Vie en Rose it would be this. It was the perfect blend of strawberry, banana, raspberries, goji berries & coconut. This pic also gives you a little peak at my manicure. I chose the color 'Cake Pop' - I have been loving this delicate pink all week long :)
Also while out running errands we picked up a new tea to try. I know I've been talking about how excited I am for summer but I am totally a Fall girl at heart. I saw this pumpkin tea and it was like my heart grew wings. I love all things pumpkin spice and this tea did not disappoint. It is the perfect warm drink for a Fall day (even thought I might enjoy a few this summer!).

We picked a box of Falafels at Trader Joes in February and they've sat in our cupboard for months. I honestly did not think not think boxed food had the capacity to be good but these falafels were out of this world! We served the Falafels with a Mediterranean salad and some hummus and it was my favorite meal of the week! If you are at Trader Joe's, I highly recommend picking up a box of their falafels!
Last night, was my last night of skating in the Spring session on my home ice and I was so sad to get off the ice. I keep skating through the summer but there was something so special about this Spring session that made it really hard to get off the ice. I am so proud of the strides I made as a skater this Spring and I was feeling so grateful for these skates last night as I was getting off the ice. I have grown the most (by far!) in this pair of skates and they are starting to look a little worse for wear but they are my favorite footwear :)
More skating talk - I have little fly always that get crazy during skating. All the jumping and spinning really does a number on my hair. As I was getting off the ice on Wednesday, my coach said I had some wild chimpanzee hair. Later that evening I found this picture and it made me crack up. Unfortunately, this is a pretty accurate depiction of me at skating.

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I hope your weekend is full of happy!

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