Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favorites: Busy, busy week!

As usual, I have quite an assortment of favorites to share today - a little bit of teaching, some food, some time with friends and a renovation update. Let's dive right into my highlights from this week!

First, can we talk about the house renovation? All of a sudden it's going at lightning speed! This picture was taken just last week and since everything has changed! They insulated and vapor sealed the floor, walls and roof last Friday. Since then, they poured cement and started on parts of the garage construction - the mudroom and butler's pantry is built. It's still just a shell of what it will become but it starting to get exciting! I'll have to keep taking pictures so I can continue to post updates. We are saying goodbye to the bare beams on Monday because they are putting the dry wall up! The end is in sight, friends!
I want to an event in town with my Mom last weekend and there was the craziest crowd I've ever seen! I've been to several concerts in down town Montreal, but this was by far the biggest crowd and highest security I've ever seen! And, super cool to see cops on horses paroling the area!
Last Saturday, these sweet friends of mine and I had a picnic in the park. We drank peach tea (my latest fave) and munched on snacks while we basked in the sun. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had the most perfect afternoon. Katya has worked with me for a while and Francesca worked with us a few years ago - it was so fun to have the team back together!
Did you catch this recipe that I posted this week? These mango chicken bowls are a must try! I have to tell you, I'm a little nervous every time I make these bowls - how can all of these foods taste good together? This week, as I was making the bowls, I kept worrying that I had remembered this recipe wrong - could it really as good as I remembered it? Yes, it was good! Somehow, this recipe works and it is always good! You can find the recipe HERE.
I've been subbing in a Kindergarten class this week and this is hung up by the door. I am pretty well versed in school emergency procedures, but I have to admit that I have no idea what this is! I can't imagine myself in an emergency situation wishing I had a blanket. Do any of you know what this for? Please, please share if you know how I should be using this in an emergency situation!
And, since we're talking about the kinder kids that I have been spending my week with. Look what I found at the very front of the classroom. This is three ziplock bags of moldy bread. Yes, moldy bread. All I have to say is why? Whhhyyyyy? And, to make it worse is the kiddos are obsessed with these bags of moldy bread. I think it's an experiment and they are quite intrigued by the growing mold!

Happy weekend!

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