Monday, May 13, 2019

Music for Monday: Get Here

Hello Monday! Today, I'm sharing a song that is almost 30 years old - what? I very rarely reach that far back into the archives when I'm sharing music on Mondays. Heck, I wasn't even alive when this song was released but I have been loving it recently. My Mom re-discovered this song a couple of weeks ago and played it for me as we were prepping dinner one evening. As soon as I heard the piano opening, I said "Wait, I know this song!" It felt so familiar but I just didn't know how. My Mom said it must feel familiar because she used to listen to it on repeat when I was young.

Isn't that strange? I hadn't heard this song in years, yet something about it still felt so familiar to me. Some part of this song was engraved in me. Well, now it's my turn to listen to this song on repeat. I cannot get enough. The other day, I was substitute teaching in a kindergarten class and as soon as the kids went out for recess, I put this song on. I just had to hear it. Kind of like a food craving but with music. Does that ever happen to you?

Get Here - Oleta Adams

There is a whole lot of fun coming up this week - a little weekend recap, a doughnut recipe, a pasta sauce recipe AND on Friday, my blog turns three! How in the heck? See you tomorrow :)

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