Monday, May 27, 2019

Music for Monday: Church

My family has been doing a lot of sorting and packing over the past couple of weeks. We are getting ready to move into the newer part of our house so work can be done on the older part of the house. Instead of calling this a 'move' I've been calling it a 'move over' because we really are just moving over. Even though we aren't moving far, we still have to empty out the original part of the house so we've been doing a lot of packing. We like to have good music on all of the time, but especially when we're packing. My Mom and the Bean introduced me to this song a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

Church - Samm Henshaw
You have not lived until you've seen the Bean sing her heart out to this song. The Bean just can't resist busting a move and singing when this song comes on :) I hope this jam puts a little groove in your Monday!

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