Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Toronto Trip Recap

Last weekend, I went to Toronto to visit my cousins and I loved the city so much! I had never been to Toronto before. I haven't been good a seeing much of Canada - I've seen more of the States than I have of Canada. Today, I'm recapping some highlights from my trip and sharing some of my favorite Toronto spots (though I am definitely not an authority on Toronto)!

The first thing we did was visit the aquarium and I loved it! We got to see so many different kinds of sea life - we saw piranhas, jellyfish, king crabs and sharks! Lots of sharks! My favorite part of the aquarium was the tapis roulant (is there an English equivalent to that word? I'm thinking conveyor belt but tapis roulant is much more fun!) that pulls you under the sharks! There were also some cute sea turtles (my absolute favorite animals!!) but they were too fast for me to get a picture of.

If you are planning to be in Toronto any time soon, I definitely recommend the aquarium. It is well set up for people of all ages and has some great resources to engage & entertain kiddos!
When we wrapped up at the aquarium we headed over to the CN tower for our lunch reservation. Yes, our lunch was at the top of that tall tower! I'm totally fine with heights - I can do zip lining, rock climbing and pretty much anything else that is just a little high up, no problem! This building is taller than I was expecting! I knew it was once the tallest building in the world, but I was still shocked by its height! It is a little disorienting at first, but once I got my bearings, it was totally fine.

We had lunch with this gorgeous view. Don't these last 2 pictures look tropical? There were some pretty amazing sights to see from this high off the ground.

We had lunch at the 360 Restaurant and the food was incredible! The restaurant spins while you eat and this is what I was most anxious about. Heights are no problem but spinning is a different story. Kind of like the height, the spinning is a bit of an adjustment at first but it spins so slowly that eventually you barely notice you're spinning. It's definitely not an amusement park ride!
Before leaving the CN tower to walk around downtown, we went down a level to stand on the glass floor. It's super cool to be standing right on top of the city!

Then, we walked around down town and visited some different markets. We walked right by graffiti alley and decided to walk through and grab some pictures.
That evening, we picked up macarons from Ladurée and chai lattes from Nordstrom. These made for the best late night treat ever! If you have never had a chai latte from Nordstrom, you are seriously missing out! I've had a chai latte from Starbucks and thought it was just ok, but Nordstrom's chai lattes are to die for. We don't have a Nordstrom in Montreal and that's probably a good thing - I would be drinking was too many chai lattes if we did!

The next day, I took very few pictures. We had a little bit more of a low key day, but I still have a couple that I want to post!
Do you recognize this house? This is the house that was used to film Mean Girls! I watched Mean Girls as soon as I got home just to see the house!
This is Drake's house and it was nearly impossible to get a picture of! There was security, tarps up and a great big wall. But still, crazy cool to see this house!
And finally for dinner that night, we made my latest favorite meal - Spinach and Avocado Chicken Burgers (recipe HERE). I could eat these burgers every night! And, my cousin Andrew made my all time favorite side - sweet potato fries! I'm thinking I should have him guest post with his sweet potato fry recipe because they are incredible!

I'm working on another fun recipe today and am hoping to have it up tomorrow, stay tuned!


  1. A great weekend of exploring, cooking and crafting!! Come back and experience more of Toronto soon. I will definitely guest post my fries :)

    1. Yes!! I was just about to text you to ask! Next time you make them, take pics and you can totally take over my blog for a day!