Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Little Update

Hello, hello! Long time no blog! I took over 3 months off blogging - what!? When I was blogging daily, I would sometimes forget to blog for a day. You know, life happens and all of a sudden there's no blog post up? That is not what happened this time. I didn't forget to blog for three months. Instead, I intentionally took time off. I needed to take a step back and re-assess how and why I share parts my life on the internet. I am an introvert through and through so a lot of thinking was done, but ultimately what I realized is; I really love blogging and I missed it! I've had blogging on my mind for a couple of weeks now but when I got home from work yesterday, I just had to sit down and blog.

Since graduating in June, I have been SO confused and super reluctant to dive into something new. Every single step of my life thus far has made sense and felt so logical. I like when things make sense and I often go by feeling (i.e. Does what I'm doing right now feel right? Does this feel like me?). As I was trying to make decisions for after graduation, nothing felt like an obvious 'next step.' I honestly had no idea what to do next. I was terrified to commit to something and feel stuck. Do I open an etsy shop? Do I teach full time? Do I take some time and continue to work where I'm comfortable? Do I apply right into grad school? Do I run away and join the circus? Ha okay that last one never even crossed my mind, but I had all kinds of ideas floating around.

Yesterday, my boss reminded me of something she said to me years ago and all of a sudden, it felt like everything fell into place. Six years ago when I started coaching at this new club, she said You focus on teaching these kids how to skate and everything else will fall into place. The numbers will come, the coaches will come. Just go prove that you're good at what you do. So that's what I did and it felt so simple at the time. It was so easy to teach five kids how to skate.

Over the years that tiny little skating program has grown to needing two days and just yesterday, I gave the go ahead to open a third day - crazy. That blew my mind. My boss has continuously reinforced that the success of this program is because of the work I put in early on. And she continues to draw parallels between my skating program and anything else I choose to tackle. I'm thinking my next step is educational psychology (but I've been changing my mind every 5 minutes lately so don't hold me to this). And, though I'm nervous about how grad school will play out, it's just like my skating program. Start from the beginning, prove that I'm good at what I do and let the rest fall into place.

When I started getting texts asking if I had officially quit blogging and become a hermit (ha! No, I'm not a hermit), I figured it was about time to share an update. These are my musings for today. I promise recipes, music and crafts in the (near!) future. Thank you for reading, as always and thank you especially to those of you who continued to check in to see if I had posted something new.

See you soon!


  1. You're back!! I am excited to get my updates and recipes again.