Monday, September 23, 2019

Music for Monday: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists of all time. She is an singer that I will always come back to - I frequently circle back to her older albums because I just never grow tired of her. When her Lover album came out in August, I pretty much cleared my plans for the day and listened to Lover all day long. I could still listen to Lover all day long, and sometimes, I do! Today, I'm sharing my very favorites off of the album,

I am not going to include You Need to Calm Down, because it actually is not one of my favorite songs but I do love the stance that Taylor Swift took with that song. I love her boldness and I love how unafraid she is to stand for what she believes in.

The Man - Taylor Swift
 Yes. Yes. Yes. This song hit me right away and I was obsessed. I love it.

London Boy - Taylor Swift
"We can go driving on my scoo-ah" That opening line makes the whole song. And it's catchy. This song is pure pop-y goodness.

Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's ability to pair catchy pop with wit will never cease to amaze me.

Time for a little story - When I was 18, my friend Alex and I desperately tried to get tickets to Taylor Swift's 1989 tour. We were in microeconomics when they went on sale and I straight up walked out of class because I needed good wifi to get these tickets. Well after all of this we never got tickets - we could not find 2 tickets together even during the presale! We were bummed but we promised each other that we would see Taylor Swift together one day. Well, 2 other albums have since come and we still have not seen her. 

When Taylor Swift released her Lover festival dates last week, Alex texted me and asked if I wanted to take a girls trip to L.A. because the tour is not coming anywhere near us. Ugh! And you know what? I would! I would totally go to L.A. to see Taylor Swift but the dates conflict with my family's vacation. The odds are not in our favour but I so hope we get to see Taylor Swift one day. I was joking with her recently that we're going to 50 at a Taylor Swift concert together but we would still have the best time. So maybe one day, but this is just not our year.

As of today, it is officially Fall y'all! This is my season and I am so excited for all the cozy!

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