Thursday, October 18, 2018

O-Venture Key Ring Review

Let's start this post with a back story about me - I carry everything that should go in a purse in my hands. Yes, I carry a purse but especially when I'm running into a store or to work, you can find me with my keys, my wallet and my phone in my hands. I hate digging around in my purse while people are waiting on me (whether I'm paying for something at a store or opening my car for friends to get in). So, I often keep everything in my hands just in case.

On several occasions, my friends have asked why I bother carrying a purse when I carry everything anyway. Good question! I saw Andrea from Momfessionals carrying an O-venture key ring earlier this year and I knew I had to have one! My key ring arrived a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't love it any more!

The packaging for the key ring is so cute! It was so fun to unbox this treat! And guess what? They included 2 Lifesaver candies. I thought this detail was great (because the company is all about O's/rings!) and the Bean sure loved the little treat while she was working on her homework!
The O-venture company was started by two women - I love supporting women entrepreneurs! There are several key ring options; I decided to order the 'sport' ring in the color 'in the pool.' It's a turquoise-y blue that I am loving! I decided to order from their sport line for two reasons - the price and the material. The sport bands are made out of silicone (where the others are made out of vegan leather) and I knew I'd need a key ring that could withstand a little more wear. When I'm not wearing my key ring, it's in my purse or my school bag (sometimes even in my skate bag!) and I wanted it to last! The added bonus to the sport ring was the price! The silicone sport rings are a little cheaper than the other options and this sealed the deal!

I have been loving my key ring! It is so convenient to just slip my keys on my wrist. I know this will be especially convenient in the winter when I want to put mittens on - I'll be able to wear my keys like a bracelet and still wear a mitten! I love it!

I have a couple wallets that fit onto my key ring which has been the best treat! I have been able to run out with my phone in my pocket and my keys & wallet attached to my O-venture ring. Not carrying a purse is one of my favorite things so this new option has been the best!

The last thing I want to mention was a personal reluctance or worry I had when I ordered the key ring - when I'm driving I don't like when my keys touch my leg. I have a little more tolerance for this in the winter, but when I'm wearing shorts in the summer, I really don't like having cold keys against my leg. I worried that adding this almost 4'' inch ring to my keys would just leave more to rest against my leg while I drive. With some stroke of luck (I'm thinking there is some sort of witchcraft involved), my keys don't touch my leg at all since I've hooked them onto the key ring! What!? I love it!

See you tomorrow for Favorites!

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