Thursday, August 18, 2016

Party Games: Pop Songs Mad Libs

I loved Mad Libs as a kid & I still do, I love making stories with blanks for my sister to fill out. Well, my love for Mad Libs kind of evolved into this fun party game! If you are not familiar with the original Mad Libs, this is what they look like:
They are so fun and a little book of these make great stocking stuffers for kiddos at Christmas time!

I make Mad Libs a party game by taking popular songs off the radio (I try to pick songs that every one has heard even if it may not be everyone's favorite song) and removing nouns/verbs/adjectives... from them. At my sister's latest birthday, I used Steal my Girl by One Direction and Blank Space by Taylor Swift. You can print & use the exact sheets I used here!

When I animate this game, I split the party guests into 2 groups and give each group sheet 1 of the printable (the sheet that just says 1. verb:_________/2. noun:_________...) and a pen. Depending on the age of the group, you could just leave them to fill out the sheet on their own or you could have an animator help them fill out the sheet - I usually assign an animator to each group to help the group come to decisions peacefully :). It's important that they fill out the sheet 1 without seeing sheet 2, so that their words are as random as possible. When I hand out the first sheet, I don't even tell the party guests what song they have, so to not sway their word choices!

Once they have filled out sheet 1, they get sheet 2 (the paper that has the song lyrics on it with numbered blanks throughout the song) and they fill in the blanks with the words from sheet 1. After both groups have filled in their blanks, we have a little sing-off! Each group goes to the front of the room to sing their silly song for the other group.

Here is an example using Row Your Boat...
The groups each get sheet one, which looks like this:
 They fill in sheet 1, so it looks like this:
Once they've filled out sheet 1, they get sheet 2 which looks like this:
And they fill in the blanks on sheet 2, based on the words they chose on sheet 1, like this:
Then they sing their songs for the group, silly words and all!

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