Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cheers to the Fall!

Happy Fall!! I realize that I said in an earlier post that I would wait until it was actually fall to decorate, but I lied! This decor has been up for about a week because I just couldn't resist! The weather cooled down and I was feeling like surrounding myself with fall! Here is a little look into my family's fall decor:

This is the mantle and I don't love it yet! It is very much a work in progress! The swag along the mantle and the pumpkins are all from Michaels and those are definitely going to stay! As I was decorating I was looking for something to put in the middle and I had the 'Happy Fall Y'all' sign that I made ready on hand but I think it's a little too cold against the cream colored wall. I would ideally put the 'Happy Fall Y'all' sign on my front porch and put a dark wood sign up on the mantle... If you have any ideas to add to the mantle, let me know!
This is easily my favorite part of the fall decor! I found this crate at Michaels and I stained it to a darker color. I made some little flags to string across the outside of the crate and I filled the crate with some blankets and some of our favorite books! It is such a cute little piece to have in our living room and I predict keeping this out and filling it with different things as the seasons change!

I made a couple little flower arrangements to put around our dining/living room area. All of the materials used for these are from Michaels.
Much like the summer banner I made back in June, I made this 'Harvest' sign to hang during the fall. It is strung in our kitchen window and it is SO cute! I love the color it brings to our kitchen! I made the banner using craft paper from Michaels, my Cricut, some twine, and a little ribbon because I had to put a bow on there! (If you are interested you can find my summer banner HERE)

And that's it! That's how I transition our decor into fall! I hope your day is crisp & cozy!

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