Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: halfway through February :)

Happy Friday! This afternoon, I am heading back to visit the first graders that I student taught in the Fall and I am so excited! It has been a hot minute since I've visited them. It's so hard to believe I saw them everyday for almost 4 months and now I see them for a couple of hours every once in a while! Last week, I skipped all of my usual Friday Favorites & I missed it! I am so excited to be back today with a list of my favorite things!

1. A couple of weeks ago (I just haven't done a Friday Favorites in forever!), my Dad and I went out for lunch and coffee before my afternoon class. We ate at a little restaurant/grocery store in town then stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee. It was all so good! The Starbucks that we stopped at was different from other Starbucks. It was a little more small town looking! I love eating lunch out every once in a while!
2. This also happened forever ago, I just keep forgetting to post about it! A couple of weeks ago, someone brought boxes of Crispy Creme donuts to my Human Rights class. Ummm yes please! Now, I would turn one of these down (hello gluten free & sugar free!) but I am so glad I indulged in the moment! I had never had a Crispy Creme donut before and it was so good!

Also, sidenote - I think I'm spelling Crispy Creme the French way...? I don't actually know though! Does Crispy Creme exist outside of Canada?

3. Last week, I blogged about discovering my 36257326 food intolerances & the changes I am making in my eating habits. To be honest, this all I can talk about lately. It's at the forefront of all of my thoughts. So, I cannot talk about this week without giving a major shout out to my friends. My friends who reached out after reading the blog post and my friends who listened to me ramble on about how frustrating this chapter in my life is sometimes. It's quite something to be surrounded by a group of girls who listen to me, support me and encourage me. So, while yes, not eating sugar drives me freaking crazy sometimes; I'm still doing my best to look for good. And my friends were the best part of this week!
4. Another highlight from this week - avocado toast!! I used to hear people talk about avocado toast and think huh? What could possibly be good about an avocado on a piece of bread? Well let me tell you, I was wrong! It's like getting to eat guacamole in the morning! I've been enjoying avocado on gluten free toast a couple mornings a week and it is always the highlight of my day!
5. This is me and my friend Erica at skating on Wednesday in the same vest - ha! A little known fact about me is that I actually don't love matching with other people. I don't mind having a little something matching (like jewellery) but I almost never go for a whole outfit matching! I have to say, I loved matching on Wednesday! I love our eye catching bright pink vests and it was so fun to see people's reaction to them! One thing I really love about Erica is how carefree she is - she owns being silly! I am not so good at this but I was following her example on Wednesday evening and silly is fun! Way more fun than being serious! :)
6. And because sometimes a girl's just gotta have chocolate, I made this chocolate banana smoothie on Wednesday (and it was sugar free!!). I was craving a little Valentine treat and this hit the spot! It was chocolate-y and thick just like a chocolate smoothie, but it's actually good for you! Win - win, right? I posted the recipe yesterday & you can find it HERE.

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I hope your weekend is full of all good things!


  1. Krispy Kreme does exist outside of Canada! Although, as you can see, it's spelled the ridiculous way (with Ks) in the US. Much prefer the French spelling, but I'm an editor and a total dork who has opinions about stuff like this ;) They are so good though, right? I never eat them because if I had one, I'd have thirteen by the end of the day. Zero self control.

    1. Hahaha they are so good! That is so interesting! I have to say, I prefer the French spelling too! Thanks for sharing, Alex! Have a fabulous weekend!